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The Clarksville Fox
Feb 7, 2007

We just got an email from a very cool women's football team coached by a guy who's an Iraq Veteran. I'm not going to try any footraces with his team! They look like they are in good shape.

Check out their website today:


    By now you know of the Brokeback Mountain boys, whose film photos are on the right. We sent our  real cowgirl reporter Ann Harrison (pictured with friend on the left) to check out the action at Brokeback. (To all who entered our contest to guess the horse. We thank you. That contest is over for now - only one entry was allowed per person to any who tried to guess twice... ). Stay tuned, we'll have more contests next month!

Hot Cowboy Love
Feb 2, 2006

by Ann Harrison

Me and my fellow cowgirls are waiting for the rain to stop here in California so we can trial ride without our horses getting swallowed up in evil, black mud. We thought we’d kill a little time one afternoon by taking in the new cowboy romance
movie, “Brokeback Mountain.”

As the rest of the nation surely knows by now, this is a doomed gay love story featuring a couple of hard body cowboys named Jack and Ennis. Our heroes ride through some fine Wyoming rangeland en route to their sheepherding job up on the mountain. We get some classic cowboy erotica as they share whiskey by the fire and Jack sneaks furtive glances at Ennis washing his privates.

Our cowgirl crew was hollering “hell yes!” when Ennis finally has the sense to snuggle down with Jack one cold night and our man Jack spits into his palm to create that all purpose cowboy lubricant.

“I aint queer,” says Ennis. “Me neither,” says Jack. Oh heck no fellas you’re just doing what comes naturally after a day in the saddle. Pass the biscuits.


Poo on Your Shoe?
January 27, 2006

It’s one thing when a girl has to knock mud off the bottom of her cleats, but what do you do when you accidentally step in something a little stickier, I mean stinkier? We aren’t the only mammals to enjoy running in grassy fields. When grass gets taller, more than just earthworms hide between the blades. A guide to cleaning poo from your shoes:

1. Do not do this indoors.                         

The Advil Tango

December 30th, 2005 by Roxxie

Advil is not just a pill to women athletes, it is equipment. Search the bag of any woman athlete and you will find a bottle or a few pills, tucked away for some future moment of dire need. Whether it gets used for cramps or bangs or strains, it is part of the basic women’s sports toolkit. Coaches buy the really big bottles and put them in their ball bags, they bring them to practices along side the water bottles and band Aids. A few months ago the doctors told me I was different than other women I knew. I had become allergic to Advil. The little pill was no longer my friend, in fact, it would only hurt me worse and worse, and I was to stop taking it.                   




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